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Introduction of Solutions


Qlife Technology created a world-class intelligent speech Production, Research and Development and standard platform with IACAS to assist traditional enterprises in their intelligent transformation and upgrading, using its own advantages in sedimentation for many years, it has concluded a set of high-standard, cost saving, low-risk for Agile Household Micro Network Solution.



This technology solution embraces voice interactive control technology/voice searching technology and integrates multiple IOT technologies(WIFI, BLE, RF, cloud service technologies and Big Data ); It is a solution that can be transformed and upgraded for enterprise customers by powerful technical execution (application of smart electrician and smart illumination products, etc.)




Focus on light weights


Stay simple and useful

Performance first, then appearance

Good experience is our goal

No flashy technology


Technology and product development concept



Lack of practical and adaptable and versatile solutions for all walks of life and cost-effectiveness

Lack of universal solutions

Difficult to unify the standards of manufacturers

The standards of manufacturers are not unified, and there are technical incompatibility problems.

The entry threshold is relatively high: there is a certain technical threshold, which limits the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises to a certain extent.

Dilemmas of Traditional Enterprises

Dilemmas of Traditional Enterprisesa

Our Advantages

More Efficient

Focus on the field of voice interaction control, accurately position the micro-economy of smart home micro-grid, and increase product application value

The solution for the voice service, modulation, shell ready to use, reduce the customization cycle, make products more quickly and efficiently

Reserved serial port for third-party research and development, reduce the application of technology threshold, improve product cost performance

More proficient

More Affordable

Voice control, is a matter of words