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QLIFE-BD03 BLE Digital Network Solution

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1.Bluetooth 4.2 compliant;
2. Built-in PCB antenna, easy to use;
3.TX power 3dBm, receiving sensitivity -90dB;
4. High performance 32-bit 38.4 MHz ARM Cortex®-M4 core, DSP instruction floating point support;
5. Built-in 256 kB FLASH, 32 kB RAM;
6. Small size: 17.7x13.7x1.8mm;
7. The periphery is very simple, only single power supply can work normally;
8. Optional UART communication with other processors to facilitate debugging and system integration;
9. Wechat authentication facilitates the development of smart hardware that complies with WeChat specifications.
10. Integrated Bluetooth® Smart Software.


BLE Digital Network Solution

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