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QLIFE-RF01 2.4GHz RF Networking Solution

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1. Use the internationally-available 2.4 GHz ISM working frequency band;
2. Support GFSK modulation, 250Kbps/1Mpbs are optional;
3. The format of the sending data packet is optional and the length of the data packet is adjustable;
4. Support automatic answer function (ACK), support ACK with Payload function;
5. Support automatic retransmission function (ART);
6. Support automatic frequency control (AFC);
7. Support automatic gain control (AGC);
8. Support digital RSSI measurement;
9. Support Manchester encoding, 8bit/10bit linear code and other encoding;
10. Support two levels of send and receive FIFO, each level 64bytes;
11. Support two-level ACK FIFO, each level 32bytes;
12. Support 4PIPE multiple logical channel transmission;
13. Support 4-wire SPI interface, the highest clock frequency is 8MHz.


2.4GHz RF Networking



Autonomous networking


Wireless communication


Various wireless devices




Remote control


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