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Bugs intelligent voice lights, guarding children's innocence

Bugs intelligent voice lights, guarding children's innocence

On January 15, 2018, Shenzhen Light Life Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Light Life Technology") and the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "Acoustics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences") signed a production-strategic strategic cooperation agreement.
Li Shujun, General Manager of Light Life Science and Technology, Assistant Director of the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the Laboratory of Language Acoustics and Content Understanding of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Yan Yonghong, a doctoral tutor, and other leaders jointly participated in the signing ceremony.
The two parties reached strategic cooperation on the cooperation of intelligent voice interaction technologies and applications. The agreement shows that the two parties will initially build a one-stop platform for scientific research and development, achievement transformation and technical services in the field of intelligent voice interaction technology and application development to achieve intelligent voice interaction. The value of core technologies in business applications and enterprise services in key industry sectors will eventually build and advance the integration of intelligent hardware, software, and platform-based enterprise standards, industry standards, and national standards and regulations that are driven by the core technology of voice interaction.
Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences is a key research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a world-class comprehensive research institute engaged in the research of acoustics and information processing technologies. It is the world leader in the research of intelligent speech technology.
The Key Laboratory of Speech Acoustics and Content Understanding of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which focuses on speech core technology, is a key laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Yan Yonghong, a top expert in speech acoustics, is the director of the research department.
The laboratory has a core R&D team with more than 100 people, including young and middle-aged people. Among them, there are 3 people selected for the “Hundred Talents Program”, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and a National Project for New Talents with 100 million Talents. There are 1 candidate, 1 chief scientist of science and technology support project, 11 research fellows and 19 associate research fellows, including 12 returned overseas students, 59 doctoral candidates for master's degree and 19 professors. The main researchers are all at the first-rate university abroad. Research and development experience of research institutes and foreign companies institutes.
Many world-renowned research scholars have joined the laboratory as guest professors, among them Prof. Hynek Hermansky (IEEE Fellow, Professor of Oregon Research, USA), Prof. Cheng Bozhong (Dean of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Engineering), and Dr. Honggang Zhang (formerly Microsoft Asia Engineering Academy) Chang), Dr. Hong Xiaowen (Dean of Microsoft Research Asia), and Dr. Song Yuping (Director of Speech Team at Microsoft Research Asia).
Cooperating with the authoritative institutions of voice technology research and development, will greatly enhance the innovative R&D capabilities of LightLife Technologies in the intelligent control of interactive voice over Internet of Things and hardware, and enhance the technical advantages in voice recognition so as to provide better services for the smart home industry. Short-term, fast-paced, small-scale eco-technical solutions help traditional enterprises in the new round of technological revolution to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading, and provide consumers with “small and graceful and beautiful” intelligent voice electronic products.